Beer is undoubtedly the world’s oldest crafted beverage that is profusely consumed by both men and women. Thus beers on its own right deserve a celebration and most of the countries in the world celebrate their own beer festivals with much pomp. Here are top beer festivals around the world where you must pay a visit at least once in your lifetime.


World’s largest and one of the most celebrated beers festivals is the Oktoberfest which held every year in Munich. The fest is famous for its different types of cold brews and celebratory. This festival runs through the September last week to the first week of September and more than six million people thronged here every year to indulge in endless festivities.

Cannstatter Volksfest

Another most famous and probably the second largest beer festivals that take place in the world. Germans love their beer and thus it seems that only Oktoberfest is not enough for them. This festival is also held in the German city of Stuttgart after the conclusion of the Oktoberfest.

Great American Beer Festival

This is reckoned as the biggest beer festivals in the United States of America. Every year in Denver this festival is organised. You can get to taste here more than 1300 foreign beers and 2000 American beers in this festival.

Great British Beer Festival

This festival is organised by the CAMRA in the UK every year and more than 650 cask ales can be tasted here in this festival. The best part is that here you can also get beers from the German, American and Belgian breweries.

Belgian Beer Weekend

You can also visit the Belgian beer festival which takes place every year in the city of Brussels and more than 350 premium Belgian beers are available here to quench your thirst.